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Magnum Ice Race Jan. 24/25

TODAY Tony Mcgrath sweeps the 4 wheel drive studded class in ice racing this weekend. 4 wins in the Mantis prepped Mazda 323 4WD Turbo GTX. 1 3rd place finish after a spin in the first race, Tony simply needed to figure out the driving style for the new car. Check back for more updates!


10.08.03 - Local Paper Coverage For Mantis!
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Targa Newfoundland September 13-20, 2003.

The Mantis team of Ernie Jakubowski and Scott Gerard (car owner) are currently racing in the  Targa Newfoundland driving a 1981 Porsche 911sc (car #603) . This is a 7 day race with cars participating from all over the world. Our pit crew consists of Gunther Jakubowski and Richard Stryjski. Please stay posted to our Mantis web site for further updates on their progress during the upcoming week. For more information on the overall race visit

Targa Newfoundland Route 2003

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Results Day 1: September 15 (Coors Light Racing Prologue)
Mantis car #603 has placed 4th overall. Co-driver & car owner Scott Gerard, has become seriously ill and may need to fly home.

Results Day 2: September 16 (Persona North Avalon)
Mantis car #603 is unofficially tied for first with the factory Subaru. Car owner Scott Gerard was forced to withdraw and flew home today to recover. We will miss him and we wish him a speedy recovery. Another crew member has taken over as co-driver and official navigator, Ernie Jakubowski will continue to drive. We welcome Dennis Rak from Autotech D/S in Toronto as our new Mantis team manager. Good luck team!

Results Day 3: September 17 (CHC Exploits)
Official results at 10pm Wednesday show the Mantis car #603 in tight competition with another PCA car for "first in class". We are also tied (with 12 others) for "first place overall". Ernie and navigator have nothing but praise for the excellent support of their extremely capable pit crew. Car owner, Scott Gerard is recuperating nicely in Oakville.

Results Day 4: September 18 (Subway Kittiwake)
Official results place Mantis car #603 tied for first place with 7 other vehicles.  We are still tied with Glen Clarke (PCA) for first in class. Our pit crew was so efficient today that they had time to enjoy a quick dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

Results Day 5: September 19 (Thrifty Heritage)

The Mantis car #603 did exceptionally well today. We are now leading our class (1st place) and 6th overall. Driver Ernie Jakubowski felt that today was the best overall driving day covering approximately 550 kms. Tomorrow will prove to be the fastest day of racing with top speeds of 200 km/hr anticipated as they race to finish in St Johns.

At lunch today, the promoters pulled Ernie aside to follow up on a report that someone had seen the Mantis car pulled over by a policeman for speeding in the town. This would have resulted in heavy penalties for the Mantis team. The information proved to be totally false and charges dropped. Politics even in racing!

Note: official times are now being recorded to

Results Day 6: September 20
The Mantis car #603 owned by Scott Gerard has completed the Targa Newfoundland race with the following results:

- 1st place Modern Category Overall win
- 1st place Modern Class 6 win.
- 5th Place Overall (only 24 seconds behind race leader for 1500km of transit stages and 500km of Targa stages!)
Churchill Team Trophy for Canada along with 4 other teams. (Lennox/McNeely; Jeremy/Hill; Jud/Buchanan; Peter/Wright)
- Highest placed Rookie team.
- Finish Medallion for completing all stages of the race.
- Targa Trophy for meeting all Targa times on all stages of the race.
- Lowest penalty time of class 9, 8, 7 and 6 of 1-minute 2-seconds for all Modern classes.

Not bad for the first try!

Driver Ernie Jakubowski and navigator, team manager Dennis Rak and pit crew Gunther Jakubowski and Richard Stryjski all did an outstanding job this past week and should be extremely satisfied with their results. Owner Scott Gerard is proud of his teams' accomplishments, however disappointed that he was not able to participate this year. Great team work guys!



08.03.03 - Tireworks Pirelli Mosport Challenge!

Gingerman Race July 5th & 6th
Susan Davis 4th Place “G” Class Sprint
Jeff Davis 2nd Place “G” Class Enduro

Tireworks Pirelli Mosport Challange
Tim Sanderson 4th Place “D” Class Sprint
3rd In Class Enduro, 16th overall
Jamie Sutherland 7th Place “F” Class Sprint
DQ Enduro
Tony Scirrino 3rd Place Sprint
3rd In Class Enduro, 40th Overall
Geoff Davies 1st Place “I” Class Sprint
2nd In Class Enduro, 29th Overall
Ernie Jakubowski / Scott Gerard 1st Place “G” Class Sprint
1st Place Enduro, 18th Overall
Jeff Davis 4th Place “G” Class Sprint

Special Thanks To
Crew Chief Bill Comat
Radio Man Stan Carmichael
Pit Crew Heiko Schilf, Jason Fedrigo, Derek Kneblewski
Pit Services Provided By, Mantis Racing Inc.

10.06.02 - Customer Appreciation Track Day @ Cayuga!
Saturday, October 5th.
The weather was a little cold but the event was a success. A smooth lapping day with no misshaps, a catered lunch, and everyone leaving with smiles.

We ran 3 run groups for 20 minute sessions all day, giving all drivers being beginner, intermidaite, or advanced plenty of track time.

We hope everyone enjoyed their time out!

Please visit the Gallery and check out some images from the weekened.

08.11.02 - Tireworks Pirelli Mosport Challenge!

Congratulations to...
Ian John, Scott Gerrard, Ernie Jakubowski, Tim Sanderson, Jeff Davis, Tony Sciarrino, Jean-Pierre Verbunt, and Bill Comat.

- For all finishing their Sprint and Enduro races.
- Endurance Race Pit Support also provided to Jeff Davies and Ray Pleasance.

Special thanks to the pit crew which provided calling in of cars for refueling and driver changes.

Crew Cheifs
- Andy Wright
- Stan Carmichael

Pit Crew
- Jason Fedrigo
- Derek Kneblewski
- Eric Hagaman

Thank you for your flat tire change and shifter repair so we could still finish 2nd in class and 3rd in class in the endurance race.

07.10.02 - Congratulations! Mantis Team Wins Again!

12.04.01 - NEW! Mantis Racing Discussion Forum!
Mantis Racing Inc. Now has a public discussion forum

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- It will contain announcements, used parts, and various vehicle and racing
- Currently under construction

08.18.01 - Congratulations!

Congratulations to,
- Ian John
- Ernie Jakubowski
- Scott Gerrard

For their participation in the 2001 Mosport Challenge
Car #87 1st Place "H" Class
Car #911 4th Place "G" Class

Special thanks to the pit crew.
Andy Wright
Stan Carmichael
Derek Kneblewski
Jason Fedrigo
Bill Comat

Check out the PCA UCR Website for details.

08.01.01 -We Sell Hoosier Tires.
Mantis Racing Inc. is now an authorized Hoosier Tire distributor
- Please contact us for pricing and availability.
- Check out the Hoosier Tire website for more information